The Journal for the Summer of 1999

July 18th: Picked up the new boat on Friday and headed out to Doug's place with Chuck and Jimmy. Spent the night there and worked on the boat and fished the pond a little with no luck. Jimmy came out for a few hours on Sunday and caught a decent smallie on a 7" motor oil worm Texas rigged while we floated around on the barge on the small farm pond. Chuck and Jimmy had car work to do on Saturday and Sunday morning so we didnt get on the water until late in the afternoon. We headed out to a lake none of us have been to before, Lake Cavanaugh. It was basically just a shakedown run for the new boat...a quick 2 hour trip around the lake..we still fished a bit and tested out the trolling motor (works good). Saw a couple big largemouths cruising the shallows at the south end of the lake but couldnt get em to pick up a crank or plastic craw before they disappeared. No idea what the air or water temp was, or even the exact time of day...I plan to start keeping that info on future trips. It was fairly hot though (75 degrees), and a strong wind was blowing from the north across the lake.