Fishin' Notes!

This page is constantly under construction and being added to...I'm gonna start keeping a log of my fishing trips and trying to include some good information. I've seen several other Western Washington fishing pages that have done this and they continue to be a source for good tips...with any luck, I can help out some folks too : )

Little bit of background about myself wouldnt hurt so ya know what I think is important. I learned to fish for bass, spiny rays, walleye, carp, catfish, ect back in Ohio, where I grew up. I moved to Seattle, Washington about 16 years ago and, fishing-wise, its a huge culture shock. There are no trout or salmon in Ohio..(well, maybe there are but no one fishes fer em)...thats ALL there is out here. People spend the majority of their time here in Washington trying to catch one kinda salmon or trout or another and only a small group of anglers seem to care about bass fishing. Oh, there is definately a strong minority of bass guys, but the the news...on the salmonids.

I could really care less about fishing for trout or salmon. Dont get me wrong, they are great fighting fish that deserve all the attention they get, but I am a Bass fisherman at heart. So this fishing journal will likely focus on Western Washington warmwater fisheries, mainly Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, but I'll be throwin in some private ponds and smaller public lakes as I get to, and learn, them.


Journal for the Summer of 1999


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