Wed, Oct. 15th, 1997:~ Bought weekday season pass for Steven's Pass Ski Area for $300 by phone from the office on the mountain.

Wed, Dec 17th, 1997: {#8~Steven's Pass} About 20 new inches total over the last 2 days at Steven's and we were ready. We hit the upper parking lot at 9am, just as the lifts were startting up. The weather wasn't too bad at first; overcast with cloud breaks; but soon it turned to snow...driving icy snow. We were too deep in the pow to notice. Ran the quad off and went over to the base of Seventh Heaven chair and skiied down the short little hill from there. Deep powder. Ken bit it on his second turn and him and me spent a bit searching for his ski, which I found buried in 3 feet of snow after about 5 minutes looking. Lucky. Decided powder cords were in order so we went and got em...mine from my backpack and Ken and Todd from the ski shop. Skiied Big Chief and hit Lower Diamond and I-5 several times. The snow was a little crusty in places there so we went back on Tye Mill. The boarders had chewed that up pretty good but we still got in a few steep shots and saw a couple good jumps. Best powder was off the quad on Barrier Face near the top. Changed clothes and ate lunch/dried out/warmed up in the truck around noon then went back and did all that again. Big rock drops, hits, jumps, mogul smashing, power hounding kinda day. Did all the good stuff at Steven's on the frontside but Seventh/Double Diamond/Backside still closed. Lots more snow though and the rock skiing season is about done at Steven's. Me, Ken, and Todd in my truck. $25 gas. Pictures in the parking lot.

(Ed note: This is one of the seasons that, for whatever reason, I cant find the notes. Either I didnt make any, or they were lost.)